The Course Your Team Needs to Make (More) Money

Non-Profit Fundraising that Works

You’re tired of approaching donors and being told NO.


It’s hard to ask for money, and it hurts to come up short when you know your organization deserves more.

You Deserve More.

You Can Ask for More.

And you can expect to hear: YES.

Empower Your Team

Learn how your team can gain huge success in fundraising with our 8-week breakthrough course. This course is specifically designed to help nonprofits meet and exceed their fundraising goals.


Our course is designed to work directly with your team to produce actual results. You’ll learn about leveraging your value, and creating strategies for your organization that work to raise even a million dollars.


Let us teach you how to

  • Identify donors that are a good fit for your fundraising
  • Connect, build and nourish those relationships
  • And learn techniques for closing major gifts successfully.

Your Organization Matters: Bring in More Funding

Your team deserves fundraising results.


But more importantly, your organization needs results.


You’re researching grants and chasing big donors, but you feel like it’s hopeless. Fundraising can be incredibly isolating. The exhaustion, anxiety, and frustration can feel like a slow spiral out of the passionate enthusiasm you once held for the cause of non-profit work.


It does not have to be this way. Our 8-week course, developed by nonprofit expert Mike Gemm, will show you how to change the habits and patterns you’re flailing with. You’ll find inspiration, guidance, and 8 coaching sessions to help launch your fundraising efforts to new heights.

You’re Going to Find a Better Way to Fundraise

It absolutely CAN be done. We’re going to show you an accelerated path to raising BIG money. This is the kind of money that can elevate your organization for years to come.


We’ve seen it happen, and we decided to expand our reach so that we can see more non-profits succeed with our course and our community support.


You will see the map of success forged by other successful nonprofits that have been helped by Mike and his amazing framework for fundraising.


 And your team will see how this proven system can be truly mastered in a few short months. It’s a no-nonsense approach to getting the funds for your organization that you know you need.

Meet Your Instructor

Founder and course developer, Mike Gemm, has over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit industry. His expertise has changed the face of many nonprofits, and he has served as a:

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • CPA

And now he is bringing all of his combined knowledge and experience to this course for nonprofits, so that nonprofits everywhere can access this blueprint for fundraising success. It is truly our mission to empower nonprofit teams everywhere and spark success for nonprofits who struggle with fundraising.

Keep moving forward!

What folks are saying

Working with Mike has been transformational for me and for my team’s results. In 3 short months, Mike helped to re-shape our team and strategy so our organization is now in a position to raise $23 million over the next 3 years. During this time, his coaching helped us to secure our lead gift of $5.8 million!

Chrissey Buckley

VP of Development

The Adoption Exchange

Our coaching sessions resulted in several donor relationships moving to the next level by perfecting the use of a strong engagement tool and strategizing in preparation for upcoming visits.

Tyler C. 

Mike has been a joy to work with.  He guidance in developing our fundraising plan has proven successful.  In our time working with him he has helped us to bring in over $100K.  I highly recommend him and his strategies.

Maureen White, Ed.D

YWCA Pueblo Executive Director

We'll Meet You Where You Are

We’re offering this course, community, and group coaching with tons of goodies to make your fundraising success happen. We’re going to meet you where you’re struggling. Where you’re falling short. Where you’re finding frustration when you should be finding funds that will fix the problems that are holding your organization back.


Now get ready to meet us. Let’s see how your passion and enthusiasm can continue to grow and how your organization can raise upwards of $100k with successful fundraising. This is a proven story of success, we’ve seen it happen so many times and we are excited to see it happen again.


We know you’re excited. You’re ready. Your team deserves this.




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  • Fundraising Strategies that WORK

    This course is going to change the way your team looks at fundraising. You’ll have access to videos, worksheets, eight coaching sessions to fuel your fire to learn all the materials and put the plan into action.

  • NO More Energy Wasted on Empty Promises

    Investors might check the “maybe” box and leave you hanging—or they straight-up ghost your organization. These kinds of investors don’t deserve your energy. Let our course and coaching show you how to overcome these setbacks and direct your energy where it matters.

  • Find Prospects that Fit your Organization

    We’re going to show you a successful way of getting funds for your organization, and your team is going to LOVE the results. This blueprint has everything you need to get started TODAY, and it will show you how to find prospects that fit your organization.


  • 60+ hours of content!

    Videos, worksheets, and all kinds of knowledge, built from experience and tailor-made for you. 

  • Sample Asks + Interviews

    Ever wished you could watch a veteran fundraiser execute flawless donor meetings? Now you can. 

  • Bonus content!

    Along with everything we've already mentioned you will also get...

    • Professional One-Pager ($1000 value)
    • DISC Assessment for up to four ($200 value)
    • 8 Coaching Sessions ($2000 value)


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